As long as I have been using the internet, I have found that forums are a great way to connect with people and get valuable information about any kind of subject. These forums are a collection of like-minded people who all have each others interests at heart. You will find that people are willing to really open up and share their experiences with other members, which in turn build a solid community based on knowledge and trust. When I decided that internet marketing was something that I wanted to pursue, it struck me as obvious that heading to the forums may well be the best way to get the information I need.

There are all kinds of forums that fit the bill for internet marketers, but perhaps nine as highly regarded as the Warrior Forum. The fact is, if you took a straw poll of internet marketers and asked them what their most valued online resource was, the overwhelming answer would more than likely be the Warrior Forum. Not only is it a great place to get advice, it’s also an excellent place to go and recruit people for a new program that you may have joined. This is especially true of you have been an active participant in the forum and have built up the trust of the other members.

When I first started using the Warrior Forum, most notably to try and find help with marketing strategies, I heard a lot of people talk about Submission Works. The great part about having been a member there for a while was that I started to see the comments about SW coming from people that I had learned to trust as a member of the forum. These were not folks that were simply spewing nonsense in order to build a downline, but rather experienced internet marketers looking to help other forum members succeed in the business.

I think I have already shown on this blog that Submission Works is a program that has worked for me on all kinds of different levels. I have increased my mailing list membership numbers, my visitors to each of my promoted sites, my sales, and perhaps most important of all, I have taken my ROI and blasted it through the roof. That is not something that would ever have happened had I not taken the time to become an active member of the Warrior Forum. It is for that very reason that I take every opportunity I can to pay it forward, which means responding to as many questions about the Submission Works program as I can possibly get to. The good news in that regard is that I have much more time to do so, since SW takes care of a massive chunk of my marketing for me, leaving me free to pursue other aspect of my business. Part of that is making sure that the good folks at Warrior Forum get a clear understanding of how SW can help their internet marketing efforts.

Zachery Bailey

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all my peeps out there about my experience with the advertising service, Submission Works!

The most time consuming and difficult thing my team and I have been trying to do as website owners is keep our search engine rankings high… which has been extremely hard to do, especially with Google constantly changing and tweaking their Panda and Penguin updates.

So after searching online for the most reputable traffic generating service we could find, we decided to go with a company called Submission Works.

After I joined Submission Works, the first thing I did was set up my tracking links, so I could view the stats about who was visiting my sites and where they were from. Well I have confirmed that all of the traffic sent from your Submission Works software is coming from unique IP addresses and has been very high quality. It’s super hard to find an advertising service these days with the honesty and integrity to actually deliver on what they promise.

Submission Works gets my two very big thumbs up!

Zach Bailey

For most people, Submission Works is a wonderful turn key software program that works start to finish, top to bottom, to get you great online profits and make you become a strong and feared affiliate marketer with great perks, benefits, and a dream job attaining the things and possessions you never thought you would be able to afford.

Unfortunately, though, I can’t recommend Submission Works to all of you, and there are certain people reading this now who surely would not find Submission Works a great program at all: the ones who don’t want to put in the work and understand the way affiliate marketing and Internet marketing work and how to play the game.

For these people, unfortunately, Submission Works is something that will likely never be attained, simply because of all the issues regarding how hard you will need to work and what you will need to do to set up the program itself. Sure, it’s not incredibly difficult – and most anyone with limited coding knowledge can take full advantage of the amazing profits and more – but Submission Works is designed so that you do have to put in some work on the front end to reap the affiliate marketing profits at the back end.

If you are not willing to do that, well, Submission Works is not for you and it’s a program I cannot recommend in good conscience to you, regardless of your needs and more. Not only will people with an aversion to work find Submission Works difficult to follow through with and tough to complete set-up, but they won’t have the interest or passion to put in to learn about affiliate marketing and what makes a great Internet marketer.

There are those, however, who do have everything that it takes to truly be great when it comes to Internet marketing and more. For those people, Submission Works is a perfect option to set up as a turn key software system to reap profits and drag dollars out of affiliate marketing leads and more. Submission Works does exactly what it is supposed to do, and works in a way fit for what it is supposed to be, as it works to make you the strongest affiliate marketer you can be and let you reap all the benefits of a solid affiliate marketing system.

No more wondering about what you might be able to accomplish, or what you might be able to do on your own; with Submission Works, you get everything you have ever dreamt of and everything that you need to be successful – but only if you are really willing to put in the work and study the industry.

For those who aren’t passionate about affiliate marketing and the potential it has on people, well, Submission Works is something I won’t recommend and something that won’t work for you in your jaded, and cynical world view about the Internet and the power of online marketing tools.

Zach Bailey

For thousands of people, making money online is a very trick situation, and for too many it becomes a fraud that can defraud them out of millions of dollars and change the course of their lives in a negative way for years to come. Unfortunately, these cases happen too often online, and there are now thousands of people who have been scammed and conned out of money only to find there’s no opportunity to get it back or make their lives better in any way.

Submission Works, though, provides a wonderful business and great opportunities for Internet marketers, including the advent of very strong and high quality turn-key software programs that do what they are supposed to do, to long term profit potential that will create for you and your family the life of your dreams, and the goals and financial freedom you have always desired in working from home.

While fraud and scamming are too common and too prevalent in so many Internet marketing circles, it doesn’t have to be that way with Submission Works; instead, you can work to re-claim the reputation of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing while also finding your financial freedom and developing your own unique financial talents and long-term skills.

Fraud needs to be reviewed, and we must get rid of fraudulent business opportunities online, of course, but you must also understand that potential that real, legitimate and authentic online businesses like Submission Works have when it comes to providing profits and great turn key results while fully avoiding all that scammy language and backdrop. No more questions about legitimacy or whether or not an opportunity is a scam; with Submission Works, you know you are taken care of and placed in the system from start to finish as you work to turn profits and more.

So when somebody asks whether or not Submission Works itself is a scam, it takes a hit to know you have to work through that issue while also explaining legitimate and strong online businesses like Submission Works. Sure, other fraudulent businesses have poisoned the water for Submission Works, but good businesses do exist out there, and Submission Works is one of them. You may not convert everyone, unfortunately, but rest assured knowing that Submission Works has exactly what you need and can provide for you everything when it comes to online business.

Submission Works is no scam, and it’s not a scheme on anyone’s behalf when it comes to software or other fraudulent activities. Instead, it’s a phenomenal turn key system that allows you the opportunity and freedom that come with living and working online, and being able to set your own work hours, turn the key on the award-winning program, and moving forward with you new Internet marketing career to the tune of great profits and more.

Good luck as you begin the journey, and enjoy your work and time with Submission Works! It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life.

Zach Bailey


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